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Warriors of Xi'an
Gilberto Gil
Godfrey Reggio
BB King

What's on offer

30 hectares are filled with ideas, distributed throughout parks, streets, auditoriums... This huge area provides opportunities to watch and listen, create, experiment, taste, discover and get excited.

What will you find at the Forum?


These exhibitions aiim to contribute to a renewal of the ideas that characterize the 21st century.

A space beside the sea offering expression, construction and creation activities.

Recreational activities with a strong emphasis on cultural diversity.

Fifteen exhibitions in the Haima about conditions for peace and other exhibits will invite visitors to see the world through different eyes.

The Fair and the Speaker's Corner
Space where institutions, associations and businesses may gather to exhibit their activities and best practices.

Eateries and Shops
60 cooking sessions by representative chefs from different cultures from around the world, professionals of gastronomy, artisans and cooks of great prestige.

Traditional Sports
Traditional sports show how different cultures express their ideas and beliefs.

Theater, music, dance, opera, performances, circus, cabaret... A world of possibilities.

Peace Camp
Will host 1,200 children from sixteen cities worldwide, who will take part in activities held in the Plaza.

Three interactive and participatory spaces representing the three themes of the Forum.